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Daniele Manni

I am originally from Rome, Italy, but I have been living in the United States since 2005. At Triton College I teach a variety of courses in philosophy and I coach the Ethics Bowl Team. In 2018 I was nominated outstanding faculty member of the year.

I think of philosophy as a discipline for life. On the one hand, philosophical ideas influence our political institutions, contribute to our socialization and inform our personal ethics. On the other, philosophy offers the tools for a critical revision of our existence and opens the possibility to change what we do and who we are.

In my classes I pay special attention to the history of ideas and I encourage the application of philosophical arguments and concepts to our daily experiences. I believe that students should gain a historical perspective on ideas in order to recognize that when ideas morph, they bring change to our self-consciousness, social organization and relation with planet Earth, its flora and fauna. I also help students connect their philosophical knowledge to their lives, as I believe that a philosophy course should encourage the daily practice of wonderment and critical reflection.


  • Ph.D., Loyola University Chicago
  • M.A. in Philosophy, Loyola University Chicago
  • Laurea in Filosofia, University of Rome La Sapienza

Courses Taught

  • PHL 101: Introduction to Philosophy
  • PHL 102: Logic
  • PHL 103: Ethics
  • PHL 105: World Religions
  • PHL 113: Environmental Ethics

Daniele Manni