Architecture (Associate of Applied Science Degree)
Curriculum C248A
(Updated August 5, 2010)

Architects are involved in all aspects of building design, including appearance, economy, function, structure, environmental planning, sustainability and responding to the needs of those who will use the building. They design, prepare drawings, build models, analyze costs, specify building materials and administer construction contracts. Architecture as a profession is a business, a science and an art. Triton College's architectural curriculum offers courses required in the first two years of a bachelor's degree program in architecture. Requirements for two years of the four-year programs at the three Illinois universities offering degrees in architecture (UIC, UIUC and SIUC) can be satisfied at Triton College. UIUC's minimum grade point average for transfer into their B.S. program in architectural studies is around 3.2 on a 4.0 scale. Some universities will also require a prospective transfer student to submit a portfolio of studio work to place the student in their design sequence, to determine the amount of credit to be awarded for architecture courses from Triton College and, in some cases, for admission to their architectural program. Architectural schools differ slightly in their requirements and students should work closely with Triton's architectural coordinator to determine specific transfer course requirements. The goal of the Architecture program is to help students to develop critical thinking skills, develop creativity, be prepared for employment in entry-level positions and develop excellent visual, graphic and verbal communication skills.

Having completed or taken courses in architecture, students will be able to:
• Participate in student presentations and share opinions about their own and other students' projects.
• Demonstrate self-evaluation skills to faculty through reflective paper or oral presentation.
• Analyze project requirements and apply to design solutions.
• Create bubble diagrams for architecture projects.
• Compose designs that follow principles of good design.
• Sketch many possible solutions to a particular problem.
• Distinguish quality in a design.
• Complete a comprehensive portfolio of work in all courses taken at Triton College and have it accepted by a faculty jury.
• Demonstrate proficiency in software programs used in professional practice.
• Interpret owners' needs based on project requirements and budgetary limitations.
• Present a sketchbook to faculty jury and have it accepted.
• Complete short-term sketch problems.
• Orally explain a drawing to faculty.

Semester One

Course Number Course name Credit Hours
ARC 109 Architectural Drafting Fundamentals (no prerequisite) 2
ARC 187 Architectural Drawing and Models (prerequisite: ARC109 or concurrent enrollment)  3
ARC 189 Computer Graphics for Architecture I (no prerequisite)ca 3
HTH 104
(or) HTH 281
Science of Personal Health
(or) First Aid & CPR
RHT 101 Freshman Rhetoric & Composition I (you need to take the Triton writing and reading placement test to determine whether you will need a prerequisite to this course)  3

MAT 101
(or) MAT 102
(or) MAT 110
(or) MAT 111
(or) MAT 114

Quantitative Literacy
(or) Liberal Arts Mathematics
(or) College Algebra
(or) Pre-Calculus
(or) Plane Trigonometry

(you need to take the Triton math placement test to determine what math course to take)


Semester Two

Course Number Course name Credit Hours
ARC 110 Wood and Masonry Construction Technology (prerequisite: ARC109 or concurrent enrollment)  5
ARC 171 Architectural Design I (prerequisite: ARC187 or concurrent enrollment) 3
ARC 260 Computer Graphics for Architecture II (prerequisite: ARC189) 3
ARC 210 History of Architecture (prerequisite: RHT101) 3
(or) SPE 101
Freshman Rhetoric & Composition II (prerequisite grade of C or better in Rhetoric 101)
(or) Principles of Effective Speaking

Semester Three

Course Number Course name Credit Hours
ARC 172 Architectural Design II (prerequisite: ARC171) 5
ARC 120 Steel Construction Technology (prerequisite: ARC110) 5
ARC130 Concrete Construction Technology (prerequisite: ARC110)  5
ARC 261 Revit (no prerequisite) 3

Semester Four

Course Number Course name Credit Hours
ARC140 MEP Construction Technology (prerequisite: ARC110)  5
ARC 146 Construction Contract Documents
(no prerequisite)

ARC 292

Site Design and Construction
(no prerequisite)
(or) Intermediate Surveying (prerequisite COT269)

ARC 258 Construction Cost Estimating
(no prerequisite)
___ General Education / Social and Behavioral Sciences elective 3

Total credits required for graduation: 68-70

MAT101, MAT102, MAT110, MAT111, MAT114, or TEC 143 meets the science and mathematics general education requirement.

Students intending to transfer to UIC, UIUC or SIUC must take MAT131 and PHY101 prior to admission.

Students intending to transfer are encouraged to complete all three courses: RHT 101, RHT 102 and SPE 101 to meet university requirements.