Program Goals:

Having completed or taken courses in Architecture, students will

1. Participate in student presentations and share opinions about their own and other students’ projects
2. Demonstrate self-evaluation skills to faculty through reflective paper or oral presentation
3. Analyze project requirements and apply to design solutions
4. Create bubble diagrams for architecture projects
5. Compose designs that follow principles of good design
6. Sketch many possible solutions to a particular problem
7. Distinguish quality in a design
8. Complete a comprehensive portfolio of work in all courses taken at Triton College and have it accepted by a faculty jury
9. Demonstrate proficiency in software programs used in professional practice
10. Interpret owners' needs based on project requirements and budgetary limitations
11. Present a sketchbook to faculty jury and have it accepted
12. Be able to complete short term sketch problems
13. Be able to orally explain a drawing to faculty