AutoCAD Enhancements

    1. Drawing polylines
    2. Giving polylines width
    3. Polyline editing
    4. Rectangles
    5. Polygons
    1. Creating
    2. Inserting
    3. Unit blocks
    4. Scaling blocks
    5. Writing Blocks to a file
    1. Rectangular
    2. Polar
    3. Circular
    1. Print Screen keeps the cursor
    2. Ctrl-Print Screen keeps a pick box but not the cursor
    3. Alt-Print Screen eliminates both the cursor and pick box
    4. Clean Screen by selecting the button in the lower right corner of your screen, then Alt-Print Screen to capture the drawing by itself
    5. If you just want to copy the contents of the drawing to the clipboard, select the drawing, then <Ctrl-C>