Contractors Terms (unauthorized)

Ashfalt = asphalt (bituminous paving)

Bricky = mason

Cinder Block = Concrete Masonry Unit

Comics = working drawings

Conduint - the pipe an electrician installs

Ce'ment = concrete (as in "Ce'ment sidewalks, long e and accent on first syllable)

Footer = footing under a foundaiton wall

Sparky = electrician

Thread = stair tread

Tin-Knocker = sheet metal contractor

Wood butcher = carpenter



1. The work we want did is clerly showed on the attached plans and speserfactions. Our arehitek, whose had plenty of college, spent one hell of a lot of time when he drawed up these here plans & speserfactions. But nobody cannot think of everything. Once your bid is in, that's it Brother. From then on, anything wanted by our architek, or any of his friends, or anybody else (excep the contrakter) shall be cunsidered as showed, speserfide, or emplide and shall ber pervided by the contrakter without no expense to nobody, but hisself (meanin the contrakter.)

2. If the work is did without no extry expense to the contraker, then the work will be tookdown and did over again until the extry expense to the contrakter is satisfactory to our architek.
Our architek's .plans is right as drawed. If surnthin is drawed wrong, it shall be discuvered by the contrakter, kerected, and did right with no extry expence to us. It won't cut no ice with us or our architek if you point out any mistakes our arehitek has drawed. If you do, it will be one hell of a long time before you do any more work for us or him (meanin the architek).

3. The contrakter is not sposed to make fun of our architek, his plans, or the kind of work where havin did. If he do, it's just too bad fer him (meanin the contrakter).

4. Any contrakter walkin around the job with a smile on his face is subject to the revue of his bid.

5. If the contrakter don't find all our architek's mistakes before he bids this job, or if the contrakter ain't got enuf sence to know that our architekts goin to think up a bunch of new stuff thats going to have to be did before the job is completely did, then thats just too bad for him (meanin the contrakter).

6. The contrackter gotta use all good stuff on this job - none of this crap from China.