How to create lites in doors:

  1. Change the front UCS, that is, make the current UCS parallel with elevation of a wall.

  2. Go to a 3D view so you can see your drawing in 3D

  3. Draw a rectangle polyline from any arbitrary location 3' x 7' (use the REC command)

  4. Offset that rectangle polyline toward its interior 6"

  5. Select the outermost rectangle polyline

  6. Right click both polylines and select "Convert to"> "Profile Definition"

  7. Select the outermost polyline

  8. Type A to add a ring

  9. Select the innermost polyline

  10. Select an insertion point

  11. Type N then type a name for the profile, like "profile1"

  12. Select OK

  13. Select a plain door style without a lite in it to which you want to add a lite, or create a new door style to which you want to add a lite.

  14. Right click on the door in the drawing and select Edit Door Style

  15. Select the Design Rules tab

  16. Under the Shape area, click on the Use Profile radio button and pull down the list of profiles. Your new profile1 will be listed. Select it.

  17. The profile will be added to the door in the shape proportions which you created when you drew the rectangle. It will be sized to fit the door. Glass will be placed automatically within the profile. Now you can add muntins and turn off the glass to be able to see through.