How to Create Elevations in AutoCAD Architecture:

1. Display the plan view of the drawing in Model Space

2. Under the Annotate tab, select Elevation icon

3. Locate the elevation symbol in position in front of the elevation you want to use in plan

4. Show the direction you want the elevation to look at by pointing with the mouse cursor

5. Fill in the information in the dialogue box for the drawing sheet on which the elevation will be located (usually A201) and the name of the elevation (usually given letters like A, B, C and D)

6. The following prompt will now appear in the command prompt area: "Add Building Elevation Line Object [Yes/No]?" - answer it with a "Y"

7. The following prompt will now appear in the command prompt area: "Width of Elevation?" - answer it with the width you think is necessary to cover the complete elevation, such as 100'

8. Do the same for the other three elevations

9. Click on one of the elevation symbols.

10. Right click

11. Select "Generate Elevation"

12. Click on the "Select Objects" button

13. Select everything in plan that you want to appear in the elevation

14. Click on the "Pick Point" button

15. Locate where you want the elevation to appear in your drawing

16. OK

17. [Now you will have to edit the elevation to take out unwanted lines] Click on the elevation you just created

18. Right click

19. Select "Linework"

20. Select "Edit"

21. Erase the lines in elevation you do not want

22. Select the entire elevation to highlight all lines

23. Right click

24. Select "Edit in Place"

25. Select "Save Changes"

26. Now draw a base line at the bottom of the elevation, extending beyond the walls

27. You could merge this line with the elevation if you want by editing in place again

28. You can always re-do the elevation after you make changes by selecting the elevation line symbol again. If you want to automatically update the elevation whenever changes are made, right click on the elevation symbol line in plan and select "Enable Live Section" Then right click on the elevation and select "Refrresh"

29. Note that the elevation symbol is placed on a non-plotting layer. You want the mark to appear in plan, so change its layer to the "A-Anno-Note" layer.

Note that creating Sections works the same way, using the Section icon.