A slide show presentation -- montage -- of a master architect's oeuvre

  1. Copy from a book or books the drawings or buildings done by a well-known architect. At least three separate buildings must be depicted.
  2. Zoom in or out of these drawings and look at certain details to best exhibit the work, and make at least thirty slides of these drawings. Color should be applied liberally, by using layers during drawing/tracing process or by CHANGEing various pieces of the drawings to different colored layers afterwards. Polylines of different widths should also be used to help enhance the visual image of the drawings. Remember, you are not only trying to capture an aura of the architect you are exhibiting, but you are also attempting to create a work of art in its own right.
  3. Add one or more slides of text of different sizes and colors, perhaps mixed with text, small drawings or illustrations captured from the Internet, explaining who the person is or was, and the name and location and date of the work being exhibited. Delay viewing of each slide long enough to be able to read it.
  4. One drawing you do of the master architect's work should be especially representative of him. This drawing may be a plan, elevation, or detail. It should be plotted on a 24" x 36" sheet for display as part of the presentation of this exercise.
To copy an illustration from the Internet, follow this procedure: To copy text from the Internet, follow this procedure: To make an AutoCAD "slide" of a drawing or illustration, do the following: To make a script file to show a slide show: vslide FEH1

delay 4000

vslide FEH2

delay 20000

vslide FEH3

delay 1000

vslide FEH4

delay 5000

vslide FEH5

delay 5000

vslide FEH6

delay 30000


The vslide command is the "view slide" command, which will show one slide on the screen.

The "delay 5000" or similar command, means that the showing of the slide will be for 5000 "milliseconds" (five seconds). Small numbers could be used here, but AutoCAD still will need to paint the slide file to the screen which will take at least one to several seconds, depending on the complexity of the slide.

The "rscript" command at the end of the script file will continuously repeat the showing of the slides from the beginning (this is optional).