1. Start with the Triton-B Template.  Draw the simple floor plan of a house shown below. Layers should be as follows. If these layers do not exist in the template file, you will need to create them.

a. Walls:  A-WALL
b. Doors:  A-DOOR

c. Notes:  A-ANNO-NOTE

d. Dimensions:  A-ANNO-DIMM
e. Viewports: A-ANNO-VPRT
f. Furniture:  A-FURN
g. Windows: A-GLAZ
h. Poche: A-WALL-PATT
i. Toilet Fixtures: P-FIXT
j. Stairs: A-FLOR-STAR
k. Kitchen appliances: A-FLOR-EQIP

2. You can can either draw them yourself, or use use standard drawing file "blocks" and insert them into your drawing to make it faster. Click on each of the names below to download each block file to your folder and then insert them one at a time into your plan.

a. Dining table with chairs: TABLE
b. Furniture in Living Room:  FURN
c. Stove in kitchen: STOVE
d. Sink in kitchen:  SINK
e. Refrigerator in kitchen: REF
f. Lavatory in bathroom:  LAV
g. Toilet in bathroom:  WC
h. Bathtub in bathroom:  TUB
i. Fireplace in living room:  FIREPLACE
j. Spiral Stairs: SPIRALSTAIRS

3. Save the drawing in your folder on the network and give it the name "2006 02 25 house"

4. Switch to Layout View (Paper Space).  The Paper Space icon will appear in the lower-left corner of the drawing. Erase the border and viewport which may appear.

5. Make the layer A-ANNO-VPRT current

6. Create a paper space border for a B-sized sheet 11" x 17" sheet using the rectangle command.  Type REC<RET>0,0<RET>16.5,10.5<RET>

7. Create a viewport for the overall house plan.  Type MV<RET> then select two points for the size and shape of the viewport to contain the overall plan. If you mis-judge the size or shape, no problem, because you can always change it later by grabbing on one of its grips at the corner of the Viewport and stretching it.

8. Click inside the viewport and zoom to extents.

9. Set the scale of this viewport to 1/8" = 1'-0" by clicking on the viewport (edge) and selecting the scale from the Properties Palette.

10. Lock the viewport by clicking on the viewport (edge), then right-clicking, then click on the cursor menu item "Display Locked" then pick "Yes."

11. Adjust the corners of the viewport so the entire plan will be in it, and move it to the lower left corner of the sheet.

12. Create a second viewport for a detailed plan of the bathroom. Type MV<RET>then select two points for the size and shape.

13. Click inside the viewport and zoom to extents.

14. Set the scale of this viewport to 1/4" = 1'-0" by clicking on the viewport (edge) and selecting the scale from the Properties Palette.

15. Adjust the corners of the viewport so only the bathroom will appear within it, and move it to the upper right corner of the sheet.

16. Create a new layer called A-ANNO-NOTE-DETL, and make it current. Set the lineweight to 0.20. Set the color to Cyan.

17. Add some notes in the bathroom giving the names of the fixtures: BATHTUB,  WC  and LAVATORY  Text height should be 4".  Use the Leader command to draw the leaner pointing to the object and then the text.

18. Click inside the lower left viewport (the overall plan).  The crosshairs will appear inside the viewport and the Model Space icon in the lower-left corner of that viewport. This is now the "active" viewport.

19. Freeze the layer A-ANNO-NOTE-DET in this viewport by selecting the layer list and clicking on the third icon from the left - it is the sun icon with a rectangle behind it (representing a viewport). When you click on this icon it will turn into a snowflake with a rectangle behind it, freezing that layer within this viewport only.

20. Switch to Paper Space by double-clicking outside the viewport.

21. Change the layer to A-ANNO-DIMM.

22. Change the Dimension Style to Style "1".

23. Dimension the floor plan in Paper Space.

24. Change the current layer to A-ANNO-NOTE.

25. Put a title under each drawing: the overall plan should be titled FIRST FLOOR PLAN.  The detail of the bathroom should be titled PLAN OF BATHROOM. Size of text for the title should be ¼" high.

26. Put your name on it.  Size of this text should be ½" high.

27. Plot the extents of the drawing in monochrome to ledger sized paper (11" x 17") at a scale of 1 to 1


Click Here to bring up drawing in PDF Format (this will allow you to download a copy to your hard drive)