Interior Color and Material and Furniture Boards

1. Orient boards horizontally.

2. Use black on black 3/16" thick foam core for base.

3. Have at least two boards: One for interior colors and materials and one for furniture and furniture fabrics, colors and materials.


4. Color and Material Sample Board:

a. Include a plan and elevation on this board and label or number rooms.

b. Group all colors to be used in each room together in same area of board.

c. Place labels under each palette of colors and materials, such as "LIVING ROOM."

d. Key palettes to plan by name or number.

e. Do only the most important materials.

f. Try to proportion area of colors and materials on board to actual area of those same colors and materials used in interior.

g. Do not mix exterior colors and materials on this board.

h. Composition is very important for maximum impact. Remember, the presentation board is used to sell your design.

i. Keep a minimum 2" border all around.


5. Furniture board:

a. Do not use office supply catalogs to select your furniture from!

b. Use only well-designed furniture from Steelcase, Knoll, Herman Miller, Stow or AllSteel.

c. Use only high-resolution black and white photos of furniture (do not color). Scan a picture from a catalog or download a picture from the Internet and use Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop software to make a black and white image from it.

d. All pictures of furniture should be printed at the same scale.

e. Select fabrics, woods, and colors for all furniture - procure an actual sample of these materials and colors.

f. Place samples of materials and colors for each piece of furniture next to the picture. If several pieces of furniture have the same materials, there is no need to repeat the sample - just show it once next to one of the main pieces.

g. Space pictures at least 2" apart in all directions.

h. There should be a space between the material or color sample from the picture of the furniture of about 3/4"

i. There should be a title under each picture, mounted on a separate white pice of foam core, such as "Office Desk." Use 1/4" high lettering, printed.

j. There should be a space between the title and picture of the furniture of about 3/4"

k. Glue pictures of furniture to 3/16" thick white foam core board using spray mount (not Elmers).

l. Glue fabric samples to 3/16" thick white foam core board using Elmers or spray glue - edge of sample must be edge of board it is glued on - cut edge NEATLY!

m. Provide 3/16" thick spacer between white foam core and black foam core. (Alternate: cut slot in black foam core board and place white behind).

n. Keep at least 2" blank border all the way around the board.

o. Glue thicker pieces of wood or metal to black background directly.

p. Group pictures of furniture by room or space.

q. Light fixtures should be placed on the furniture board also, and organized by room (that is, place next to furniture pictures used in each room).

r. Illustrate only the most important pieces of furniture and lighting, not every single one.