Linetype scale:

The length of the dashes and spaces between them in the various linetypes are regulated by three AutoCAD variables in the program called "LTSCALE," "PSLTSCALE" and"MSLTSCALE." They shoudl all be set to 1.

LTSCALE sets the length of the dashes in a Hidden, Dashed, Center or Phanton linetype. Some drafters like to set this variable to .5 to make such dashes shorter.

PSLTSCALE adjusts the linetype scale to the same number as the zoom scale factor in each viewport. For example, a viewport that is set to 1/4" = 1'-0" scale means that the full size drawing is shrunk by a factor of 1/48. So PSLTSCALE multiplies the LTSCALE of that viewport by 48 times.

MSLTSCALE sets the Model Space LTSCALE factor by whatever numerical factor you are zoomed into the drawing in Model Space. So if you zoom in real close so that the screen image appears like full size (that is if a 12" long object actually measures 12" on your computer screen) the MSLTSCALE will automatically adjust the linetypes to be as long as they actually are in real size. If you zoom the draing in further, say twice as large as real size, MSLTSCALE will make teh dashes half as long, etc.

psltscale <RET> 1 <RET>

msltscale <RET> 1 <RET>

ltscale <RET> 1 <RET>


This can be done at any time in the drawing process, and should be set this way in your prototype drawing.