materials required in this course

The following materials are used throughout the semester for the Architectural Design Courses but do not all have to be purchased at once. Paper and pencils will be needed at the first class session.

1 roll, 12" wide yellow tracing paper
1 roll, 24" wide yellow tracing paper
Berol Prismacolors: 24 color set
6B "woodless" pencil
#2 pencils
Pentel sign pen -- black
Pilot "razor point" pen -- black
Flair black pen -- black
2 lead holders
2H, H, and F leads for lead holders
lead pointer
Hand held pencil sharpener for woodless and #2 pencils
(while out sketching)
eraser: Staedtler Mars white eraser, No. 526 50
Architect's scale
Engineer's scale
45 degree triangle, 10"
30 60 degree triangle, 12"
X Acto knife (No. 1) with plenty of #11 blades
Circle template 1/16" to 2 1/4"size holes
drafting tape -- 3M Scotch Drafting Tape No. 230, 3/4" width
tackle box for holding supplies
home drafting board and T square
straight edge for cutting straight lines with X Acto knife
(preferably steel)
5" x 9" bound white paper plain (unlined) sketchbook
(for keeping notes and sketches in class)
portfolio binder