Number Input Conventions

Note that since the "Architectural" units are typically used for architectural and interior design drawings in the United States, any number entered from the keyboard as an X or Y coordinate will automatically be assumed by the program as INCHES, and not feet.

If you want to express feet and inches, such as five feet, seven and one quarter inch, type on keyboard: 5'7.25 or, alternatively, 5'7-1/4. Note that it is not necessary to type the inch symbol (double quotes "), but it is necessary to use the foot symbol when you want to indicate feet in AutoCAD measurements. The foot symbol is the single quote ( ' ). In addition, when you want to indicate 45 degrees in AutoCAD, simply type 45. If you want to indicate 45 degrees and 30 minutes, you should type 45.5. (The symbol for degrees is not necessary)

If your dimension is 3'- 1 5/8" you will need to type 3'1-5/8 in AutoCAD, but if the dimension has zero inches with a fraction, you can omit the "0," such as 3'-0 5/8" , you can type into AutoCAD 3'5/8