A "point" in AutoCAD is a dot on the paper. It is defined as having one X, Y, and Z coordinate. In architectural drawings, points are rarely used, but may be used to show texture in a hatch pattern, such as dots around the edge of a material such as carpet.

Points are also automatically placed along a line by AutoCAD to show division marks on a line, polyline, arc, or circle in the "Measure" and "Divide" commands.

Points may have a different appearance on a sheet than a simple dot. The illustration below shows the various ways that points can be displayed (and plotted) in AutoCAD. To universally change the appearance of points on any file, type the following: PDMODE<RET> [number corresponding to point type]<RET>.

In the OSNAPping functions, a "point" is known as a "node." They are the same thing with different names.