Power Point Presentation Basics
(using Microsoft Power Point 2007 software)

When you open Power Point from the desktop icon, a "New" presentation will be started. The left side of the screen will show a stack of thumbnails of your slides. The right side will show the layout of the first slide.

The Design Tab at the pull-down menus will allow you to pick one of many backgrounds for your presentation.

Select the “Generic” presentation

Edit the presentation for the building you have selected and the design tool you are showing

Change the Slide Master design (select View, Master, Slide Master)

Make compatible with your presentation
Use autoshapes toolbar at the bottom of the screen
Put your logo somewhere on the slide master


Use Wordart in presentation - use toolbar at the bottom of the screen

Use slide transitions – (select Slide Show and Slide Transition) Note these occur at the beginning of each slide and affect the whole slide and not the objects on the slide

Select the timing for each slide (timing for each slide is included in the slide transition setup)

Use Custom animation for some or all objects on the screen – there are four kinds of animation: entrance, emphasis, exit and motion paths

Select automatic timing for custom animations - since you are going to play music or narration with the entire slide show, you should not play a sound with the custom animations

Play some music with slides (select Insert, Movies and Sounds, Sound from File; then select a piece of music that you have ripped from a CD or downloaded from the web – set timing for the music to play over several slides - you could play more than one piece of music with your show)

You should have at least 25 slides, some with words, but most of them with pictures and words.