You can make a raster image of your drawing for a quick look at it while within another drawing file by using the MSLIDE ("MakeSLIDE") command. Bring the view on the screen by ZOOMing into an area you want to make a slide image of, and then type: MSLIDE <RET>. In response to the "Slide File" statement in the command prompt line, type in the name you want to call that particular slide. If you use a name of a slide file which already exists, you will erase the old one without any backup saved, and replace it with the current image which is showing on the screen. Slide files are relatively small files, and do not take much storage capacity, so do not worry about making too many slides. AutoCAD will automatically append the filename extension of ___.SLD to your slide files. They are stored in the C:\STUDENT subdirectory and are always available for viewing, no matter what other drawing file you may be working in.

To view a previously made slide, type VSLIDE <RET>, then type the name of the previously made slide you want to view. The slide will then appear on your screen on top of the current drawing as a raster (temporary) image. Your drawing is still there, but it is being temporarily covered with another image, and will not disturb it at all. To get your current drawing back on your screen after viewing a slide, redraw the screen, by typing: R <RET>.

You can only view one slide at a time.