Architectural Styles

Egyptian Style

Classical Greek Style

Roman Style:  The Pantheon

Roman Style:  The Colleseum

Early Christian Style:  Plan of St. Paul Outside the Walls, Rome

Byzantine Style:  Hagia Sophia, Constantinople

Romanesque Style

Gothic Style

Renaissance Style:  Villa Rotunda

Baroque Style

Beaux Arts Style:  Paris Opera
Federalist Style

Greek Revival Style

Georgian Style

Victorian Styles:

Gothic Revival Style

Italianate Style

Queen Anne Style

Second Empire Style


Art Nouveau Style

Arts and Crafts Styles

Deutcher Werkbund Style

Glasgow School of Art Style

Vienese School Style

Craftsman Style

Prairie School Style

Bauhaus Style

First Chicago School Style

Art Deco


Streamlined Moderne

The Second Chicago School:  860-880 Lake Shore Drive

The New Brutalism

Modern:  Ronchamps

Modern:  Villa Savoy

Philadelphia School

New York School (the Whites)

Postmodern:  AT&T Building, New York

Modern Geometric Style:  Sydney Opera House