Join Us for the 2009 Interim Semester, Jan. 2--20   
HISTORY 296-170--online
AUSTRALIA & the South Seas !

Course description: We will study how early explorers, such as Capt. Cook, saw the Austral-Pacific as a social utopia, where man reaches the Golden Age of ancient myth. But this gives way to a growing scientific seriousness in the later 18th and 19th centuries, with investigations like those of Darwin. Then, we will see how encroachments by Europeans have made of the far Pacific a paradise lost.

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Click here  for information about how to receive 3 credit hours of transferable credit in history. (This is the course syllabus.)

Course will be taught totally online.

Exceptions:  you will need to come in to pick up a (free) dvd from me, and to see a few feature-length films in my office area if you cannot acquire them on your own through Blockbuster or the Public Library.

They are Bounty starring Mel Gibson and Anthony Hopkins, and Master and Commander starring Russell Crowe.

This course is co-ordinated with a tour to Australia and the South Pacific. You do not need to be on the tour in order to take this course. In Winter, 2009, for example, I am not even running the tour, but I am offering the course.