Brief Description of the two-course hybrid package, History 151 and Rhetoric 102

   ORGANIZATIONAL CHART:   Click at left to see a chart which shows how the two courses are connected.

(NOTE:  for the complete and "official" explanation, see the course syllabus for each course.)

The following is maybe more info than you want in a brief description, but here it is anyway:

1.     These are interdisciplinary courses. They are designed to fit into either an 8 or a 16 week format.

2.     Each course is valued at 3 credit hours of completely transferable I.A.I. course credit. You may also be taking the course through the Illinois Community College Online program (ILCCO). (So the total will be 6 hours of transferable credit.) They are regular courses from out of the course catalog, and apply to degree requirements all around the state and everywhere else on the planet I have ever heard of, but please do check with the Transfer Specialist in the Admissions Office of your transfer institution just to make sure.

3.      COURSE REQUIRMENTS:   HERE IS THE DEAL :        The single term paper you will write for your RHETORIC class will  also serve as your  term paper in the HISTORY  class !!! Note the  economizing!  You write one paper, you get two grades!!  In support of the Term Paper, I will request that you meet with me between 3--5 times for special writing and / or history workshops of approx. 4 hours each. The plan at the moment is to hold them on Fridays at noon. (Snacks provided, usually pizza.)  Here are the other general requirements for each course:

A.     HISTORY REQUIREMENTS:   the history text is a standard history survey text called Out of Many by Faragher. A used copy will be OK. But here's the nice thing: there are 17 chapters in the book. But we will only read 12 of them, starting with Chapter 6. It averages out to about 1 chapter per week @ 25 pages per chapter, across 16 weeks. That comes to about 25 pages max per week in history. [In an 8 week term, it is approx. 1.5 chapters per week.]  There are 5 multiple choice exams, but I drop your lowest score of the 5. Each one is 25 questions each (plus optional bonus questions). There may or may not be one or two written paragraphs in place of a few of the multiple choice questions.

  As you know, there is a Term Paper. Other than that, students need to make a short answer online response to a question from the reading from each chapter that is related to the Civil War in some way, just so I can give them  a "participation" grade. 

 B.     RHETORIC READING AND WRITING:    The requirements here are that you
5.     THE BOTTOM LINE:  I think that after taking this "combo" a student  will wish that all of his or her  courses could be structured  in this way. And as for the "stress level", you will never get 6 credit hours for so little stress again in your entire college career!

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