Cost Breakdown, Spain, 2003

The following cost breakdown was used in the bidding process to choose the tour provider. It itemizes each of the  charges. Note a few things:   1)     There are other costs not covered here, such as the cost of your passport, luggage, lunch (EF provides 2 meals / day), camera & film, etc.     2)     The insurances you see here are optional. You do not have to purchase  insurance unless  you want to. The company may even send you a bill for these insurance products, but you do not have to pay it.

 1)    Promotion deadline:    August 31, 2003:  after that date, add $70 to the Program Fee below. The Program fee for everyone will increase from $1400 to $1470.  Here is the  Bottomline:   After 8/31/03:

2)    Application deadline:     Dec. 1, 2003: after that date we will still accept applications on a space-available basis, but they tack on another $75 late fee !!     Also, if you apply after the deadline (Dec. 1, 2003), and if you are accepted, there is a chance you might have to travel to or from Europe separately from the group. This rarely happens, but it is possible. Once you are in Europe, however, you will be reconnected with the group and stay with them for the duration of the tour. Check the Booking Conditions on your application for precise details about this.