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Hi there,


I have been a teacher in Triton College for 29 years. I live in Oak Park, Illinois. I have 3 sons in the public schools in Oak Park.


I descend from a long line of Illinois farmers. I still get back to the old place from time to time to help my brother. He still follows the plow. But I am the first in my family to leave the land and follow a different path in life. I like to say I till a different soil and harvest a different crop.


My undergraduate degree was in philosophy and literature from Millikin University. My Master's Degree is in the Humanities from the University of Chicago. My Ph.D. is in the Division of the Social Sciences of the University of Chicago. I teach courses at Triton, both online and enhanced, in U.S. History, Sociology, Humanities and English. I enjoy interacting with students and talking with them about some of the great ideas in history, the achievements of the social sciences, and the profound insights of great literature.   To me, these are the important things in life.


I sincerely hope this course will enhance your understanding and appreciation of these wonders of the intellectual and artistic imagination.


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Allen Salzman