IDS 102: "The Arts of Western Culture II"

School of Arts & Sciences



Teacher: Dr. Allen Salzman

Department: Interdisciplinary Studies Dept.

Prerequisite(s): none

Catalog Course Description: This course is the second semester completion of a chronologically based interdisciplinary survey of the significant intellectual, literary, philosophical, visual, musical and other performance-based artistic expressions from the major epochs of Western culture, from the Renaissance to the present. However, the course may stand on its own, and a student may take either course in the sequence.

I. Course objectives: For courses approved by ICCB, it is presumed
students will spend a minimum of 2 hours outside study for each hour
in class in order to meet the following objectives.

The student will:

• Learn from representative examples of art, literature, music, etc., how different styles and movements have evolved across time, from the Renaissance to the present.
• Learn how works of the artistic and literary imagination are connected to each other and to broader philosophical and intellectual trends.

II. Resources utilized:

A. Recommended texts:

B. Supplementary texts/and materials:

C. Other resources utilized:

III. Objective Instructional Strategies and instructional methods utilized to attain the course objectives:

Strategies: Online Lectures and Discussion; Independent Study

Instructional methods utilized (optional): World Wide Web

IV. Evaluation methods utilized to monitor progress toward attainment of course objectives:

Check the evaluation method utilized to determine whether final course
have been attained:

Final (written) examination

Other Assessment Criteria:

1. Journals: Students are expected to keep a weekly journal (2-5 pages / week) in which they respond to a question about the reading. Journals will be handed in and graded weekly, or submitted in appropriate place online.

Weight: 25 per cent

2. Oral Participation: students will take turns making brief and informal presentations of their journal entries. The presentations will initiate informal class discussion. The quality of the discussion will be assessed. Obviously, if student is in an ONLINE COURSE, participation will be measured in the Discusion Board instead.

Weight: 25 per cent

3. Performance on Midterm (written):

Weight: 25 per cent

4. Performance on Final (written):

Weight: 25 per cent