Photos: Ireland, Wales, Scotland, England, March 1999

Welcome travelers!
These are all the pictures taken with the two digital cameras from Triton College's library.  Anyone on the trip (including those from Canada and Alaska) can use these images in any way they want.  They are divided by the approximate day; otherwise, it would take too long for all of the images to load.  Clicking on a date below will give you a screen of small images of all the photos taken on that day; Clicking on a small image will take you directly to a 640x480 full-screen photo.  (The photos are roughly in order, but a few may not be listed under the correct date.)

Friday, March 12 Killarney, Muckross Abbey Wednesday, March 17 Lake Country, Edinburgh
Saturday, March 13 Ring of Kerry, Bog Village Thursday, March 18 Edinburgh
Sunday, March 14 Blarney Castle, Rock of Cashel Friday, March 19 London
Monday, March 15 Dublin Saturday, March 20 London
Tuesday, March 16 Ferry from Dublin, Wales

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