France, 2003   Cost Breakdown

Dear Traveller,

This is the letter from the tour provider which details their charges to you on our trip. The original letter is on file in my office. Please contact me if you want to see it. This letter was accurate as of Aug. 1, 2002. If they raise the price after that date, it will only be around $20.  Please remember that there are other costs you may incur. For example, you need to have a valid passport. You may need to purchase luggage. The company provides two meals per day, but no lunch. Souvenirs, camera film, phone cards to call home, etc., will all be additional. You also have tuition, about $65, but that can wait until January. IMPORTANT NOTE:  you see the various insurances itemized below. The company may even send you a bill for them after you register for the trip. But the insurances are completely optional. You do not owe them any money for insurance unless you opt to purchase the insurance.--Allen Salzman