for Undergraduate

Center Travel!


To Apply, print off this form and send it to:

Office of Study & Travel, R-215
Attention  Dr. Salzman
2000 N. Fifth Ave.
River Grove, IL  60171

The Office of Study & Travel  has some money available to support student study abroad. We are typically able to offer one or two partial scholarships  for upcoming Undergraduate Center trips, depending on how much money our fund has received. You do not have to qualify for "financial aid" to receive this money. A typical award is $200.00.

All persons who enroll for the trip, pay all associated fares, and enroll in the class that is part of the trip are eligible to apply for this scholarship. To apply, fill out in the places indicated, and send it to the address above.

 (NOTE: If  you print off this application, be sure that your responses are on a separate page from your contact information. )

  The applications will be read by a committee of two faculty members who are not connected directly with the trip. The winning  application(s) will show (1) the greatest interest, (2) greatest potential benefit, and (3) greatest financial need . To ensure fairness, your application will be assigned a number. The two faculty members will only read and evaluate a xerox copy of your responses without your name, and will not know anything about you (omit identifiers such as your name, etc., from your narrative) except as contained in your responses.

It will take approximately two weeks for processing of the application and awarding of the money. Deadline for application is 100 days before the trip departs.  With processing delays, you may not receive the award prior to the trip.

For Office Use Only: Application #:____________


 Application for Undergraduate Center Study Abroad Scholarship    

         Name:      _______________________________________________

         Address:     ______________________________ Apt: ___________

         City:         _________________ State: ______ Zip:____________

         Telephone:   Home:     ______________________    Cell:  ____________
          Email Address:     ________  @  _______

        For Office Use Only:     Date Received:________      Application #: ________

1.         Explain  why you want to go on this Undergraduate Center trip (if you print this off, you may attach additional sheets as necessary).


2.         How do you think you will benefit by going on this trip? What do you hope to come back with?


3.        What relevant financial circumstances do you think the committee should be aware of that would make this scholarship especially important to you? (What other financial obligations do you have? Other tuition? Family obligations? etc.)

For Office Use Only: Application #:____________