Triton College Undergraduate Center
Preliminary On-Line Trip Application Form
Please fill in as much of this information as you can at this time so that we can send you the actual "Enrollment Form"  from the tour provider. 
Items in brackets [ ] are optional, but please fill in everything else that you can now;
we will need to have it on file before the trip, so whatever you can supply now will
make it easier later.

First Name 
Middle Name
Last Name 
Destination of Trip 

Your Address 
State  Zip 
Birthdate  Citizenship 
[ Email Address ] 
Home Phone  [ Fax ] 
[ Work Phone ]  [ Work Extension ] 
  Passport Expiration Date 
[ Passport Name ] 
           (Only fill this in if name on passport is different than name at top.)
[ Allergies, dietary restrictions, pertinent medical information, etc? ]
Emergency Contact 
 Contact Phone (Day) 
 Contact Phone (Evenings) 
  Contact Address 
   Contact City 
   Contact State  Contact Zip 
 Is your Emergency Contact information the same as your RIDE HOME information? If not, please  give name and all pertinent contact information.  
[ Comments? ]

In addition to this on-line form, you will also need to fill out a printed E.F. Educational Tours "Enrollment Form" , which will be sent to the address you give above. A deposit of $95 will hold your place; the remainder of the amount will be due 120 days before departure. Send the $95 deposit check (made out to E.F. Educational Tours) directly to E.F. Tours in the return envelope provided.