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Web Resources: World Religions

These references were accurate when this document was created, but in the World Wide Web, addresses keep changing faster than computers become obsolete. So if you try one of these and get an error message, leave us a message and we will update the document.

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General Resources

  1. Internet Sacred Text Archive (the best place for original sources on religion)
  2. Sacred and Religious Texts (major writings from almost all traditions)
  3. From Primitives to Zen  Mircea Eliade's classic collection of religious traditions from around the world; excellent source
  4. Project Gutenberg Electronic Texts Home Page (General repository of on-line texts)
  5. Field Museum (Chicago)
  6. The Art Institute of Chicago (Check museum sites for religious artistic expressions)
  7. Metropolitan Museum of Art (N.Y.)
  8. Religious Tolerance (Attempt at "objective" comparison of almost all traditions)

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Hindu, Jain and Sikh Resources

  1. Yahoo! Search for HINDUISM
  2. Hinduism in America
  3. Global Hindu Electronic Networks: The Hindu Universe
  4. Mohan's Hindu Image Gallery: Deities
  5. Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago Lamont IL
  6. Ashtanaga Yoga Links (Worldwide)
  7. Jainism: Principles, Sources, Images, History
  8. Jainism Links
  9. Jain Student Group Univ. of Michigan
  10. Jain Agam Literature
  11. Ahimsa (non-violence)
  12. Ghandi Center for Non-Violence
  13. Sikh Reht Maryada (The classic Sikh texts)
  14. Yahoo! Search on Sikhism (Good starting point)

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  1. Essentials of Buddhism
  2. Glossary of Buddhist terms
  3. Eighty Four Thousand Electronic Dharma Doors (Large list of Buddhist resources)
  4. Midwest Buddhist Information Center (has extensive list of area locations)
  5. Buddhadharma Meditation Center Hinsdale, IL
  6. Greater Plains Zen Center Des Plaines IL
  7. Hearland Sangha - American Buddhism Evanston IL
  8. Wat Dhammaram (Chicago Meditation Center)
  9. Thai Buddhist Temple of Chicago (Zen)
  10. Shambhala Meditation Center of Chicago (Tibetan)
  11. The Book of Tea
  12. Shinto & Buddhism: Wellsprings of Japanese Spirituality
  13. Jodo Ring  (Pure Land Buddhism sites)
  14. Daibutsu (Great Buddha statue in Kamakura)
  15. New Kadampa Tradition: Tibetan Buddhism
  16. Yahoo! - Society and Culture:Religion:Buddhism
  17. Tibetan Buddhist Sand Painting
  18. Sadhu (Theravada Sites)

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Taoism and Confucianism

  1. Chinese Philosophy Page
  2. Taoism and related information (from Arne Morken)
  3. Chinese Philosophy (Confucianism, Taoism and  Legalism)
  4. Chuang Tse text (Taoist Classic)
  5. Taoism Information Page
  6. Tao Te Ching
  7. Tai Chi Chuan (Reviews of WWW Tai Chi sites)
  8. Taoism and Tai Chi Chuan
  9. Yang Style Tai Chi (with philosophical explanation)
  10. Feng Shui Made Easy - Cecil Lee
  11. Confucius: Analects
  12. Confucius: Doctrine of the Mean

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  1. Yahoo! - Society and Culture:Religion:Judaism (Good starting point for many sites)
  2. Jewish Resources on the Internet (extensive listing)
  3. Jewish Bible (in several languages)
  4. Shir Hadash (Jewish internet resources)
  5. Documents of Jewish Belief (Orthodox, Conservative and Reform)
  6. Jewish Express (Synagogue locator; Extensive information)
  7. Chicago Area Jewish Home Page
  8. Virtual Jewish Chicago
  9. Israel and Judaism Resources
  10. Judaism 101 (Excellent survey site)
  11. Varieties of Orthodox Judaism
  12. Core Values of Conservative Judaism
  13. Reform Judaism
  14. Women in Judaism (on-line journal)
  15. Resources on Anti-Semitism
  16. Spertus Museum (Chicago)

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  1. Religious Tolerance ("objective" summary of different Christian groups)
  2. The Bible Gateway - RSV
  3. Bible: Revised Standard Version (Full text on line)
  4. New Advent Catholic Supersite (Starting point for Catholic Christian resources)
  5. Dante's Divine Comedy(multimedia; with supporting material)
  6. Digital Dante (Columbia Univ.)
  7. Dante's Divine Comedy (with commentary and William Blake's illustrations)
  8. Dante's influence on Chaucer
  9. Renaissance Dante in Print (from Notre Dame Univ.)
  10. Concordance for Dante's Divine Comedy
  11. Dante Discussion Deck (On-line disussions: leave your comments, questions here)
  12. Al Dante (Dante Word Game)
  13. Christian Classics Ethereal Library (Excellent general source for Christian resources)
  14. Project Wittenberg (Lutheran sources)
  15. National Council of Churches
  16. Christian Reformed Churches (Beliefs)
  17. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. resources

[Script of 'Allah']

  1. The Koran: Search Engine (Search the entire Koran for words or phrases)
  2. Yahoo! - Society and Culture:Religion:Islam  (Good starting point for Islam)
  3. Islamic Studies, Islam
  4. Islam (simple survey of beliefs)
  5. Islam Questions and Answers
  6. A View Of Islam (Excellent survey site)
  7. Islam - The Modern Religion
  8. Christian-Muslim Debate
  9. Women in Islam, Christianity and Judaism
  10. Sufism resource guide (Yahoo)
  11. Sufi Traditions
  12. Whirling Dervishes
  13. The Nation of Islam Online
  14. CyberSalat (Windows program to teach Salat (prayer))
  15. Beyond the Veil (Website to accompany PBS TV documentary series on Islam)
  16. Islam in America (3-part series from NPR's Morning Edition radio program)

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Shinto and "Primal" Religions

  1. Shintoism (Good over-view)
  2. Sacred Spaces in Shinto (UCLA course website)
  3. The History of Shinto
  4. Shinto: The Way of the Gods
  5. Shinto (Brief over-view)
  6. The Kami of Shinto (extensive list)
  7. Shinto Shrines
  8. Is there an African Philosophy?
  9. NAES (Native American College in Chicago)
  10. Chief Joseph (Selection from a classic native American's views.)
  11. Cheyenne Sweat Lodge (historical explanation)
  12. Journey into A Native American Sweat Lodge
  13. American Indian Sweat Lodge FAQ
  14. Sweat Lodge websites
  15. Vision Quests (List of groups that lead vision quests)
  16. Vision Quests
Other Resources
  1. Paradigm Online Writing Assistant (Very good help with writing)
  2. Modern Language Association Documentation  (MLA guidelines on line)
  3. Spoon Home Page (Excellent list of general philosophy sources)
  4. The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
  5. Thompson Publishing Co. College Success Guide (Excellent starting point)
  6. Bjorn's Guide To Philosophy
  7. Project Gutenberg Electronic Texts Home Page
  8. Atheism site, lists of other resources
  9. "Why I am Not a Christian" by Bertrand Russell
  10. The Skeptics Society (Skeptic Magazine)
  11. The Jefferson Bible (Thomas Jefferson's editing of the Bible for its "ethical" value)

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