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Child Psychology and Introduction to Fiction


Check here to see what you should read before class, when the next test is, what the instructor's objectives are, etc. Because both of the instructors plan the assignments to connect with each other, and because they often "team teach" together, you will notice that some of the reading assignments are the same for more than one class, or that you will use a written assignment in more than one class. That's one of the advantages of The Undergraduate Center! And since these two classes are a "package," you will notice that there won't be two tests on the same day!

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Child Psychology Introduction to Fiction

[PSY216] Child Psychology (PSY216)

[ENG103] English (ENG103)

 Unit One:

                        UNIT OBJECTIVES:

                          Becomes available in May, 2004

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Becomes available in May, 2004

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Monday ___.
PSY: ____________________________________
ENG: ____________________________________
Wednesday ___.
PSY: ____________________________________
ENG: ____________________________________

Keep in mind that in addition to the Joint Syllabus above, each course has its own individual statement of grading policy, course requirements, etc. Clicking on the underlined course title links (like Social Psychology) below (or anywhere else on this page) will take you to each of the individual course's requirements, individual faculty office hours, etc.
[PSY216] Child Psychology (PSY216) Instructor: Lesley Miller.
[ENG103] Introduction to Fiction (ENG103) Instructor: Dick Steele.

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