CIS 101
Introduction to Business Computing

CIS 121
Introduction to Programming

CIS 125
Computer-Based/ Discrete Math

CIS 121, CIS 195
Intro to Computer Programming /
Programming for Engineers

Spring 2012

Instructor:       E. Bell

Office:             M-101

Phone:             708-456-0300x3349

E-Mail:   (best)

Class Website:


Office Hours: As posted


Text:                Programming with Visual C++, J. Allert

                        ISBN: 978-1-4239-0186-0

Materials:        Flash Drive


Attendance:    You are expected to participate in every scheduled class. Your participation will be used in computing your final grade. It is your responsibility to ask or inquire about any missed material or assignments. Class activities as well as grades will be posted on Blackboard.


Exams:            There will be periodic quizzes or exams. Make-up exams are not given.


Grading Scale:           

                        A         90%-100%

                        B         80%-89%

                        C         70%-79%

                        D         60%-69%

                        F          59% or below


Final Grade:    Homework and Lab Assignments      280 (28@10)

                        Exams                                                 100 (2@50)

                        Final Exam                                          100


The purpose of this course is to provide you with an introductory knowledge of common program language structures, problem solving as applied to computer program design, and an introduction to object oriented programming concepts.


Upon successful completion of the course you will be able to:

  • Clearly define, analyze and create algorithms for a basic computer program
  • Prepare structured flowcharts and pseudo-code serving as development documentation
  • Code, and debug computer programs


In conjunction with the above objectives, a program will be accepted for grading only when it is complete and correct accompanied by documentation including (as stated by the instructor) IPO, flowchart, pseudo-code and source code listing commented with your name and section number.


Other requirements:

Exam dates will be announced in advance.

The specifications for the lab/programming assignments must be followed regarding the specific commands that must be used to solve the problem.

All programs must be submitted using the Blackboard system as it is just about the only way that the programs can be relayed to me, the instructor. Insure that you transmit/attach the “Release” version of the program, as the “Debug” version will not run on my system.

All programs are due at the end of the period one week following the assignment. 25% will be deducted from the program for each week late. No credit will be given for a program more than 3 weeks late.

The lab portion of the class is a requirement unless you are up-to-date with all your assignments. Surfing of the web or other non-project related activities are not permitted.

Homework and programs are to be the sole work of you, the student, submitting the assignment. You may ask for and receive assistance in the development and debugging of your program, but if you cannot reproduce the program or similar program under the supervision of the instructor you will not be given credit for that program.


Statement of Academic Honesty

Academic honesty is expected from students enrolled in courses and programs offered by the CIS department; violations of this expectation will not be tolerated. Violations of the expectation of academic honesty include, but are not limited to:

  • Obtaining or attempting to obtain a copy of an examination prior to its administration, and unauthorized use of study materials or textbooks during an examination.
  • Obtaining unauthorized assistance from or giving unauthorized assistance to another individual during an examination or completion of an assignment.


Schedule (subject to change)


Topics and assignments are listed on the Blackboard website


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