ARC 109

Architectural Drafting Fundamentals

JoBeth Halpin, Instructor

Exercises to improve linework and lettering skills are provided. This course includes proper use of equipment, sketching, drawing to scale, and drawing simple geometric solids or orthographic, axonometric, isometric, and one- and two-point perspectives.

Prerequisite: None

Text: None

Course Outline:
Draw thin, medium, and thick lines in a professional manner Hand letter with professional quality
Use drafting equipment correctly
Accurately lay out a drawing and basic geometric shapes
Draw to a given scale
Draw simple geometric shapes in orthographic projection, isometric, oblique, one point perspective, and two point perspective
Sketch to scale
Make accurate sketches
Learn the proper use of parallel ruler, triangles, templates and compass, medium lines, thick lines, and thin lines
Drawing with the architectural scale
Drawing the basic geometric shapes accurately
Printing the letters I, E, F, H, L, T 1 2 8
Printing the letters A, K, M, N, V, W, X, Y, Z and B, C, D, G, J, O, P, Q, R, S, U
Orthographic projection
Axonometric Projection
Isometric Drawing
One Point Perspective
Two Point Perspective

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