As a registered student in the School of Architecture at Triton College, at no cost to you, you must reserve a portion of the computer server on which to store your electronic files. Once you have reserved this area and you have logged in to one of the computers in the studio, it will be appear in your list of drives available as your H: drive. In order to setup this feature, you must obtain a computer account login name, such as "AIC123." Do this by going to Google Docs to select an account number - open the Internet Explorer and select the menu item at the top labeled "Google Docs." Log in to the page by filling in the email addrss as "heitzma" and the password as "tritonarch." Open the file called "Triton Computer Account Numbers." Follow the instruction in that file to obtain your student architecture department computer account.


The responsibility of the School of Architecture at Triton College is to teach you practical drawing, design and construction management skills, and a broad understanding of building science and theory.  Our faculty are committed to excellence in education.  We believe the following requirements are an important part of your learning process. We will provide a structured environment so that the greatest number of students can benefit from these educational opportunities. To maximize our efforts to provide you with the best educational experience, we expect you to develop professional attitudes regarding your studies. It has been shown through the years that when students follow these guidelines, they become successful and valuable contributors to the profession.

1. You are required to attend all classes. Listening, observing, and interacting with other students and faculty is a vital part of your education. Students who miss a class will receive an absence for that day. Your attendance will impact your grade.

2. If you are absent from class, it is your responsibility to find out from a fellow student what was presented, and what is due for the next class. You are expected to be prepared for the next class. You must complete all missed assignments so that you will not fall behind. At your Professor's option, you may be allowed to complete a special project to make up for an absence and improve your attendance grade. To see a list of potential special projects, click here.

3. You are required to be in class at the beginning time and stay until the scheduled end of the class period. Being late to class or leaving early will result in 1/3 of an absence. If you are tardy, it is your responsibility to tell your Professor that you have arrived in class, otherwise, you will be marked absent for the day.

4. There are no "Incomplete" grades given in these professional programs.

5. Late projects can only be turned in at the beginning of the following class. The highest possible grade on the late project will be a "C." If the assignment is more than one class period late, it will receive an "F."

6. There is no excused late work due to your absence from class.

7. The final project cannot be turned in late. If it is, you will be withdrawn from the course.

8. All assignments must be completed by the last day of class. If they are not, you will be withdrawn from the course.

9. If you miss the final exam, you will fail the course.

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