COT 118

Construction Safety & Loss Prevention

Joe Dusek, Instructor

Prerequisite: None

Required: Goetsch, David L., Occupational Safety and Health: for Technologists, Engineers and Managers, 5th Ed., Prentice Hall

Recommended: Pyrcak, Fred and Bruce, Randall A., Writing Empirical Research Reports, 4th Edition, Pyrczak Publishing – available at

Turabian, Kate L., A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations, 6th Edition, University of Chicago Press – available at

A review of general safety procedures for the construction industry with emphasis on OSHA regulations is provided. Employee responsibilities, record keeping and inspection procedures are included.

Course Outline:

Unit I: Project Safety
A. Allocation of Responsibility
C. The Human Factor
D. The Safety Program

Unit II: Major Areas of Safety Concern
A. Machinery
B. Demolition
C. Excavation
D. Foundations
E. Concrete Construction
F. Steel Construction
G. Exterior Walls
H. Roofing and Insulation
I. Waterproofing

Unit III: Loss Prevention 10
A. Communication and Motivation
B. Using Reference Material and Advisory Sources
C. Analyzing the Project Schedule to Prevent Losses
D. Selecting Methods and Equipment to Prevent Losses

Unit IV: OSHA Ten-Hour Certification Safety Program

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Course Objectives

It is presumed students will spend a minimum of 2 hours outside study for each hour in class in order to meet the following objectives. The student will be able to:

Identify the major causes of construction site accidents and the primary hazards (falling, mechanical, temperature, pressure, electrical, fire), understand basic safety techniques, deal with ethical dilemmas in the safety arena, demonstrate a firm grasp of OSHA rules, understand workers’ compensation laws, deal with basic emergencies, complete an accident report, and promote safety in any workplace.

Attendance Policy

Students are expected to attend all class sessions and to arrive on time. If you are unable to attend a class you are responsible for all material covered in that class. Missed quizzes and exams may NOT be “made up” at a later date. Attendance is taken at each class. The third unexcused absence will result in a one-letter grade reduction to the student’s grade. The fourth absence (excused or not) will result in the automatic withdrawal of that student.


Letter Grades: Breakdown:
A: 90-100 Participation 10%
B: 80-89 Pop Quizzes 20%
C: 70-79 2 Term Papers 20%
D: 60-69 Midterm 20%
F: 59 or below Comprehensive Final Exam 30%
Grading will NOT be done “on a curve.” All quizzes, mid-term and final examinations will be closed book, closed note tests of knowledge. All material either in the textbook or discussed in class may be appear on any quiz or examination. Daily quizzes may be given prior to the lecture. Therefore, it is essential that students review the assigned material before coming to class.

Academic Integrity: Students are responsible for the integrity of their academic work. With that principle as a firm starting point, this course will also encourage students to learn from each other. Personal experiences and insights of the members of the class constitute an important resource for each other, which we will utilize as fully as possible.

In their written work, students should use an appropriate footnote or reference system for citing others’ work. Plagiarism is forbidden at Triton College. If a student uses another’s work without giving credit, and this is proven, the student could receive an automatic “F” in the course.

Course Schedule
August 30th
Introductions, Triton College policies and procedures, Student Services, and course overview will be discussed.
Lecture: Chapter 1
Homework: Read Chapters 2 & 3

September 6th
Labor Day – College Closed

September 13th
Lecture: Chapter 2 & 3
Homework: Read Chapter 4

September 20th
Lecture: Chapter 4
Homework: Read Chapter 5

September 27th
Lecture: Chapter 5
Homework: Read Chapters 8 & 10
Paper No. 1, topic and details to be discussed in class

October 4th
Paper No. 1: Due at the beginning of class
Lecture: Chapters 8 & 10
Homework: Read Chapter 9

October 11th*
Paper No. 1: Discussion and feedback
Lecture: Chapter 9
Homework: Read Chapters 11 & 12
* Yes, October 11th is Columbus Day, but classes do meet today. However, there are no classes at Triton College on Tuesday, October 12th.

October 18th
Lecture: Chapters 11 & 12
Homework: Prepare for midterm examination

October 25th
Midterm Examination
Homework: Read Chapter 13

November 1st
Midterm Examination, review and feedback
Lecture: Chapter 13
Homework: Read Chapter 14

November 8th
Lecture: Chapter 14
Homework: Read Chapters 16 & 17

November 15th
Lecture: Chapters 16 & 17
Homework: Read Chapters 19 & 21

November 22nd
Lecture: Chapters 19 & 21
Homework: Read Chapters 22 & 23
Paper No. 2, topic and details to be discussed in class

November 29th
Paper No. 2: Due at the beginning of class
Lecture: Chapters 22 & 23
Homework: Read Chapters 24 & 28

December 6th
Paper No. 2: Discussion and feedback
Lecture: Chapters 24 & 28
Homework: Read Chapters 29 & 30

December 13th
Lecture: Chapters 29 & 30 and Class wrap-up
Homework: Prepare for Final Exam

December 20th Comprehensive Final Exam