Interior Color and Materials

Jane Redman, Instructor

A study of color theories and their application in interior design, the nature and process of procurement of interior materials such as wood, stone, metals, plaster, gypsum board, acoustical tile, vinyl composition tile, cork, rubber tile, ceramic tile, terrazzo, plastic laminate, solid surfacing, paints and stains, lighting fixtures, furnishings, fixtures, equipment and accessories.

Prerequisite: None

Text: None

Course Outline:

Color Physics, Physiology & Psychology
Color Interaction:
Contrast of Hue
Contrast of Light and Dark
Cold/Warm Contrast
Complementary Contrast
Simultaneous Contrast
Color Assimilation
Color Extension
Color Accent
Subjective Mode
Overview of interior materials
Masonry materials – applications and specifications
Wood - species, softwood and hardwood, grading, and interior uses
Plaster, decorative plaster, gypsum board, wall and ceiling accessories
Plastic laminates, acoustical tile ceilings, vinyl tile, cork, rubber tile, terrazzo, carpets
Paints, stains, and wall coverings
Fabrics, upholstery, draperies, fabric wall coverings
Furnishings and fixtures
Light fixtures and equipment
Procurement, sources, cost estimating, bidding, purchasing

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