Join Us for the 2010 Spring Break Tour to :

PARIS, the Loire Valley, and Normandy, France !

March 11-19 (approximate dates), 2010. This is during Triton's Spring Break.

Please Note the Following:
  • All Study & Travel Tours are pending final approval by the Triton Board of Trustees.  Trip to France was approved in August, 2009.
  • An open Scholarship competition is available for all Study & Travel tours, including this one. See box below to apply.

Course description:      The tour will be co-ordinated with  Humanities 296--096, "Travel in France", a one credit hour, transferable* online class that gives a general "tourist" overview of how to travel in Europe, as well as lots of historical, artistic & literary, social, culinary, etc. information.   Tuition  will run  approx. $83.00  in addition to the costs of the tour.

* HUM 296 applies 1 credit hour to your Triton degree and is transferable. However, check with your transfer / articulation specialist at your institution just to make sure. Do you want  to earn credit in Criminal Justice also? If you go to France you may also sign up for CJA 296, a Special Topics class in international policing. There is no reason you can't sign up for both classes and complete 2 transferable credit hours towards your degree.

Day_By_Day Itinerary

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"Flowers" by Vincent Van Gogh
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