INT 202

Interior Design II

A study of space for human needs through the application of the elements and principles of design.  Problem-solving projects, particularly in the contract design field, are given to students to aid in the development of spatial vocabulary.  Students learn to identify, research and creatively solve problems which relate to the function and quality of interior space.  The ability to communicate ideas graphically is emphasized. This course is taught in a combined "Vertical Studio" collaborative environment with and alongside students from ARC171, ARC172 and INT201 (architecture students and beginning interior design students) in order to be able to learn from other students' efforts, share ideas, and learn how to work as a team.

Carlos Concepcion , Instructor

Prerequisite: INT201

Texts: Pile, John. Interior Design.
Ching, Francis. Interior Design, Illustrated.

Department Policy

Quality Assurance Rules


Course Outline:

Program analysis
Space Analysis Systems Investigation
Selection Process

Program Development
Space Analysis and Circulation Systems Research
Selection Criteria
Specifications and Flammability
Cost Analysis
Presentation Issues