History of Interiors and Furniture

Frank Heitzman, Instructor

The study of the history of furniture from antiquity to the present with emphasis on the western world. Individual pieces are analyzed in terms of design motif, construction, period, style, designer, and use.

Prerequisite: none

Text:  Pile, John.  History of Interior Design.

Recommended Text:  Morley, John.  History of Furniture: Three Thousand Years of Style, Form & Design.


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Course Outline:

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

Have a general understanding of the historical development of furniture styles.

Recognize and call by name the most important styles.

Understand how historical styles relate to the architectural styles of the same period.

Sketch styles emphasizing the most important features.

Understand the difference between historical authenticity and reproduction and appreciate both.

Communicate about furniture.

Know how to learn more, by visiting galleries, museums, libraries, and markets.

Styles of Antiquity

Finish Styles of Antiquity - styles of middle ages

Italian Renaissance, Spain, Spanish America

Spanish Furniture

French Furniture

Begin English Furniture.

English Furniture

American Styles

Contemporary Styles


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