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Notice: This document contains at least one audio or video file.Week One Lecture: Introduction to Architectural Lettering
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It is a necessity that you read and follow all instructions throughout the Lecture. Lectures are designed with interactivity, to aid in the learning process. Often times the lectures will include tips for properly completing assignments. Be sure to read all information, view all Audio and Video files and complete all practicals associated with each lecture.


Return to top of pageOverview

Let me just give you a brief overview of course procedures. ARC109 is a 2 credit hour course. In the traditional classroom this class would meet 3 hours a week for 15 weeks or as a 7 week class it would meet 6 hours per week. You should plan on spending 6 to 8 hours per week on this class.

The text book for this class is Architectural Graphics, Third Edition, Francis D.K. Ching, John Wiley & Sons, 1996, ISBN# 0471287539. This is a classic book on architectural drawing. You will use this book through out your years in Architecture or Interior Design school as well as when you are a practicing designer. You will notice that I tend to refer to the book as simply "Ching". You may buy the book new or used. The first and second addition are a different format so the page numbers may not match, but I can help you with that if necessary.

Return to top of pageAttendance is a different issue online then in a classroom. Attendance in this class will mean communicating with the instructor. This will take through the WebCT Discussion Board. You will notice the 10% of your grade is based on participation.

The weeks assignments must be scanned and emailed to me by the next Friday at noon. The paper copies of your assignments are to be mailed to me on that same Friday.

A note regarding equipment. You will see on the equipment list that there are quite a few items to purchase. When you buy your drafting equipment you do not need to purchase the most expensive item available. However, it is important to get the right paper. Be sure to buy Clearprint 1000H paper. Make sure that it doesn't have grid lines on it.

Return to top of pageLettering

Architectural lettering is an essential skill for any designer. The designer uses Architectural lettering to communicate information to the client and the contractor. It is difficult to emphasize the importance of good lettering. As a student and a professional the first impression you make is very important and that first impression often comes from your Architectural lettering. There are firms who ask applicants to use Architectural lettering on their job applications.

During the next seven weeks you will master this important skill. The important points to remember are:

  • Use light guidelines.
  • Always use a straight edge to draw the vertical lines for your letters.
  • Letters are to be dark, dark, dark.
  • Letters should all be the same width.

Click here to view Lettering Example Files: A-Z and 0-9 <flash player>

Return to top of pageI would like you to view three video clips which will aid you in developing good lettering skills.

Before you watch the three video clips on lettering, print out the A, B, and C lettering sheets:

  1. Lettering A —is a sample lettering sheet.
  2. Lettering B — has squares to use during the video so you can practice while you watch the video (video clip below).
  3. Lettering C — is a guide sheet for practicing letters at 3/16" height.

Before you view the three video clips on lettering you should get set up. You do not need all of your drawing supplies this week. You will need to have:

  1. A triangle or Ames Lettering Guide
  2. Clearprint 1000H paper
  3. Drafting Tape
  4. #2 pencil

Return to top of pageTo set up your sheet for viewing of videos:

  1. Place Lettering B on your drawing surface and tape it down. Make sure that the sheet is lined up straight in relation to the parallel rule.
  2. Place a sheet of 1000H on top of Lettering B and tape it to the drawing surface.
  3. Have your triangle and #2 pencil ready.
  4. Have Lettering A handy to show you the shape of the letters.

View the 4 videos and practice your lettering:

Video One 56k - 256k
Video Two 56k - 256k
Video Three
56k - 256k
Video Four 56k - 256k

The more you practice the better your lettering will be! Assignment 1A focusses on lettering skills. See "Assignments" link under Week One on the course "Classroom" page, for detailed assignment instructions.

Click here to view Lettering Example Files: A-Z and 0-9 <flash player>

Have Questions?
If you have questions regarding any of the material covered in this section, visit the "Week One: Lettering" Discussion Forum. The forum can be accessed by clicking on the "Activate Course WebCT Account" link located on the course "Classroom" page. Once inside WebCT's discussion board, post questions and/or comments under the appropriate forum.

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