Portrait of InstructorPreet Saluja

Instructor, Chemistry
Triton College


Ph.D.Chemistry, University of Pennsylvania


I am excited to start teaching full-time at Triton after having taught a wide variety of chemistry courses at Triton and other Chicagoland area community colleges and universities. As a dedicated educator, mentor, and a life-long learner, I genuinely care about each student's learning style and progression from day one. Student's growing success in learning and applying concepts and acquiring higher level critical thinking and problem solving skills is my ongoing concern.

I am continually interested in their success in professional work place and their personal happiness long after they have left the college. Frequently, I am reminded by my ex-students that this instructor made a major impact in my learning process and my personal and professional life.


Contact Info

2000 N. Fifth Ave., S-219
Triton College
River Grove, IL 60171

708-456-0300, ext. 3016



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