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How has higher education changed over the last fifty years? How much has it changed? How have students changed? How have faculty expectations changed?

One way to see how education has changed is to look at the tests given.

This site is designed as a repository for examples of exams and tests from the past. It is offered to educators, students, and the public as a way to see what the expectations were at different times and places, and to see in what ways we have changed the kind and amount of material to which we give grades. The tests below have been formatted as HTML documents to retain as much of the original appearance as possible. (Sorry; only the QUESTIONS are here. You are on your own for the answers.)

1931-1932 Final Exams, General Honors 110, Univ. of Chicago

1932 Entrance Exam, Chicago Normal College

Old exams at other websites:

1908 Entrance Exam, University of Washington

University of Virginia Entrance Exam Football Player Version (Humor Only)

This is obviously just a start; if you have any old tests lying around that don't run afoul of any copyright laws, send them in an email message to me and I will post them here!
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