ARC 171

Architectural Design I

Architectural sketching and drawing techniques, orthographic projection, axonometric, obliques, perspectives, shades and shadows, and model building. This course is taught in a combined “Vertical Studio” collaborative environment with and alongside students from ARC172 (advanced architecture students) in order to be able to learn from other students’ efforts, share ideas, and learn how to work as a team.

Chris Goode, Instructor

Prerequisite: ARC109 or concurrent enrollment, and ARC187 or concurrent enrollment

Textbook: Ching, Francis. Architectural Graphics.

Course Outline:

The following topics will be covered:

Introduction to Composition

Design tools - point, line, shape, form, volume, space, sequence, color, texture, light

Sketching, lettering and shading techniques

Simple orthographic projection project – plan and elevations

Compositional Tools: Image, Expressive of its function, Reminiscent (of something), Imitation of a historical style, Expressive of its structure, Complementary to context, Contrast to context, Grid and module, Focal Point

Pen sketching

Design small house facades

Build model of three houses

Design and build model of site for houses

Isometric and oblique pictorial drawings

2 point Perspective

Multi-point perspective

3d drawings

Model of interior

Freehand sketching

Department Policy

Quality Assurance Rules

Materials Required in this Course

Grading Policy

Architecture - What is it?

The Problem of Design

Architectural Methodology

Architectural Presentation