ARC 110

Wood and Masonry Construction Technology

Ade Onayemi, Instructor

Prerequisite: ARC109 or concurrent

Text:  Allen, Edward.  Fundamentals of Residential Construction.  John Wiley & Sons, New York, 2001.

An introduction to wood and masonry construction and residential working drawings including floor plans, foundation plans, wall sections, building sections, site plan, electrical and plumbing drawings. Building codes, zoning ordinances, building materials and systems will be studied. Manual drafting techniques will be used. Rough carpentry framing, finish carpentry and masonry construction trade skills will be taught.

Course Outline:
Introduction to the Building IndustryThe Building Team
Building Codes and Zoning Ordinances
Introduction to manual architectural drafting
First Floor Plan
Light and Ventilation Planning
Foundation/Basement Plan and structure
Doors, Windows and Elevations
Wall Section
Exterior Finishes
Building Section
Site Plan and Utilities
Electrical Power and Lighting Plans; Plumbing Riser Diagrams
Heavy timber, masonry veneer and cavity wall detailing
Safety training and rough carpentry framing
Window and door installation; finish and trim carpentry; asphalt roofing
Gypsum board installation and finishing; painting and staining
Masonry installation

At completion of this course, the student will be able to:

Produce a set of construction drawings for a residence.
Comply with the zoning ordinance.
Comply with the building code.
Create drawings using traditional manual drafting techniques.
Work with carpentry tools and materials to erect a wood frame for a house.
Install a window and door in a wall.
Install exterior wood siding.
Install an asphalt shingle roof.
Install and finish gypsum board walls.
Install finish interior trim and cabinets.
Erect a brick and block wall.
Paint and stain exterior and interior finishes.


  1. The Construction Industry
  2. Phases of a Typical Project
  3. Foundations
  4. Concrete
  5. Carpentry
  6. Masonry
  7. Steel
  8. Exterior Finishes
  9. Windows
  10. Doors
  11. Roofing
  12. Interior Finishes
  13. Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning
  14. Plumbing and Fire Protection
  15. Electrical
  16. Site Work
  17. Terms used in the Construction Industry
  18. Abbreviations used on drawings

Triton CADD Standards Manual


Quality Control in Drawings and Specifications


Shop Objectives

Eye Safety

Click here for slide show of shop photos (carpentry)

Click here for slide show of building a brick wall (masonry)

Course Grading Policy:

Class Participation (both studio and shop): 20%

Drawing grades: 60%

Drawings receive six grades:


Quality of Workmanship

Quality of Layout

Accuracy of Information



Examinations: 20%

Department Policy