Construction Law

Design Information

Types of Occupancy by Building Code

Types of Construction by Building Code and their required fire-resistance ratings

Allowable Height and Area by Construction Type

Building Structure Types

Fire Rating Examples (Underwriters Laboratories - UL)

Fire Rating Examples (US Gypsum)

Soil Boring Log


Construction Documents and Bidding

Example of a Project Manual

Example of Invitation to Bid Form

Example of a Pre-Bid Meeting agenda

Example of an addendum

Example of a Bid Matrix


Drawings: Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity

Drawings: Brown Printing


Typical Specifications Section

Construction Administration


Example of a Pre-Construction Meeting Agenda

Certificate of Insurance

Example of Project Schedule - Bar Method

Example of Project Schedule - Critical Path Method

Building Permit Example

Partial Waiver of Lien to Date

Periodic Observation Report Check List

Standard AIA Documents

A101 - Standard for of Agreement Between Owner and Contractor

A201 - General Conditions of the Contract for Construction

Critical Dates in A201

A310 - Bid Bond

A312 - Performance Bond

A401 - Agreement Between Contractor and Subcontractor

B141 - Part 1 Agreement Between Owner and Architect

B141 - Part 2 Agreement Between Owner and Architect

B151 - Abbreviated Form of Agreement Between Owner and Architect

C141 - Agreement Between Architect and Consultant

G606 - Amendment to Professional Services Agreement

G701 - Change Order

G702 Application and Certificate for Payment

G703 - Continuation Sheet

G704 - Certificate of Substantial Completion

G706 - Affidavit of Payment of Debts and Claims

G707 - Consent of Surety to Final Payment

G707A - Consent of Surety to Reduction in or Partial Release of Retainage

G709 - Work Changes Proposal Request (issued prior to a Change Order)

G710 - Architect's Supplemental Instructions (used for minor changes in the work work not involving adjustment in the Contract Sum or Contract Time)

G711 - Field Report

G712 - Shop Drawing Log

G714 - Construction Change Directive (for changes that must be made immediately and could involve adjustment in the Contract Sum or Contract Time)

G715 - Certificate of Insurance Attachment

G804 - Register of Bid Documents

G807 - Project Team Directory