Selected drawings for Brown Printing Facility in Woodstock


Drawing C10 - Site Plan

Drawing A20 - Plan, First Floor North

Drawing A40 - Roof Plan

Drawing A50 - Large Scale Floor Plans and Reflected Ceiling Plans

Drawing A60 - Elevations

Drawing A70 - Door Schedule and Door Details

Drawing A71 - Sections and Details

Drawing S31 - Partial Roof Framing Plan - South

Drawing A72 - Sections and Details

Drawing M12 - Mechanical Plan - South

Drawing M13 - Mechanical Ventilation and Plumbing Plan

Drawing M20 - Mechanical Detail Sheet

Drawing V12 - Ventilation Plan - South

Drawing V20 - Ventilation Detail Sheet

Drawing P12 - Plumbing Plan - South

Drawing P20 - Plumbing Risers

Drawing E20 - Electrical Site Plan

Drawing E30 - Electrical Plan - North

Drawing E50 - One Line Riser Diagram - North Services No. 3 and No. 4

Drawing E80 - Schedules and Details