Advanced Architectural CADD

Frank Heitzman, Instructor

The course is an intensive study of creating a portfolio, 3D creation, viewing, perspective creation, rendering, and plotting.

Prerequisite: ARC189

Text: None

Course Outline:
Impression Building elevations and elevations
SketchUP & Google Earth
Viz Design
3D Modeling - extrusions
3D Modeling – 3d faces
3D Modeling – creation of perspectives
Rendering in 3D, setting views
Rendering in 3D, placing lights
Rendering in 3D, creating and placing textures
Rendering in 3D, output to file, paper and Internet

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Photoshop Exercise No. 1: Coloring furniture

Photoshop Exercise No. 2

Photoshop Exercise No. 3 (chapter 5)

Tikal Temple.jpg
Enormous Chair.jpg
Russian Statue.jpg
The Gang.jpg


AutoCAD Architecture 2010 Lecture Outlines

AutoCAD Graphic User Interface

AutoCAD Architecture 3D

How to customize AutoCAD: Templates and Profiles

Location of files in AutoCAD and AutoCAD Architecture 2010

AutoCAD Architecture Helpful Hints

AutoCAD Enhancements

AutoCAD Architecture Wall Cleanup Priority settings

AutoCAD Architecture How to Create Lites in Doors

AutoCAD Architecture How to Create Elevations

How to Plot Drawings


AutoCAD general information


AutoCAD Architecture 2010 Exercises

AutoCAD Architecture Exercise

Annotative Tutorial & Exercise

Annotative Tutorial Drawing (wall section)


Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat Cool Tips and Tricks - click here to open this file

Adobe Acrobat online collaboration manual - click here to download a copy

How to make a PDF slideshow



Click here for SketchUp basic instructions

Click here for SketchUP lecture notes and basic exercises


Autodesk 3ds Max Design 2010

Click here for the Tutorial and Exercise



Click here for PowerPoint basic instructions