Introduction to Architectural CADD

Frank Heitzman, Instructor

Computer-Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) for architects using the software program AutoCAD.

Prerequisite:  None

Text: Frey, David. AutoCAD 2002: No Experience Required.

Course Outline:
Using templates
Draw Commands: lines
Draw Commands: arcs
Draw Commands: circles
Draw Commands: walls and doors
Draw Commands: windows
Edit Commands: erase
Edit Commands: move and copy
Edit Commands: offset
Edit Commands: trim and extend
Display Commands: zoom and pan
Layer Commands: creating and using layers, colors and linetypes
Text commands Dimension Commands
Paper space and model space

Department Policy


Click on the following lines to download Template Files:

Triton A size "named" style Template
Triton A size "color dependant" style Template
Triton B size "named" style: Template
Triton B size "color dependant" style Template
Triton C size "named" style: Template
Triton C size "color dependant" style Template
Triton D size "named" style: Template
Triton D size "color dependant" style Template